Monday, 30 January 2012

30 January, 2012

So you know why we came to Nauvoo!!!!! would you mind filling me in on that one?

so now to answer your questions.

How is the work going? The work is going awesome we are finding many people to teach but the problem is that when we go by they are not home but we will keep trying.

How is the weather? Well it is fairly mild not to cold but worming up and getting nicer out. It's strange to think that I have been out since last spring it feels like a distant dream since last mothers day and the next one coming.

Eric are your glasses working good for you? They are wonderful I can see!!!!!!!!!! It was funny not having them I found out how bind I am I was standing at the end of my bed and looked at the bathroom mirror ( about ten fee away ) and I was fuzzy.

How is the Spanish going? It is still with me and I am understanding more and more every day!!!!!!... oh this question was for Diana :( :( :( :(

Is there anything you need? no not really just letters from peoples that's all.

Now for my report.

Well this last week was rather interesting. We had to switch cars with some other Elders and so last Monday we had to do that. So when we were coming back we passed by a famous place that is in one of the greatest films ever made!!!!! I'll give you a hint Planet moon of Endor... get it yet? no? Ewoks!!! still don't have it?!! okay I'll tell you... Star Wars VI (6) Return of the Jedi I was in Cathedral Grove the filming location for Endor and yes the tree's are that big I will send you photo's. Elder Smith and I were there early in the morning so a lot of the photo's are dark but when we come to visit we can go in the day time. and you will see that it was a bit cold.

Any way we do service at the local food bank and they just love it when we come in we get a lot done for them. Then on Wednesday we had district meeting it was rather cool there are more Elders in our District so we have 4 elders and 4 sisters but the Zone leaders come so if they brought one other companionship it would be a zone conference all we are missing is President Tilleman and the assistants. so we are thinking on inviting them to come.

Well we have been doing a lot of finding and a lot of member visits. They love us here not to long ago a member said once he found out that we were staying "when you get good missionaries that you love working with you don't want them to go." it was very nice of him to say that because it made us feel that they really care for us here and to be hones it was an answer to a prayer.

ohh I have to tell you I think that you will get a great kick out of this story so Friday night we are invited to a ward activity a white elephant and I was first and I got a t.v. and that was taken from me :( then I got of all things a black floral pattern leather purse and every on had a good laugh then that was taken from me :*( then I got can you guess it another purse and every one there started to die laughing AND THAT ONE WAS TAKEN AWAY I started to cry because I wanted to send it to Nichole she would have loved it. but I ended up with some buffalo jerky YUMMMMMY hahahaha if you would like some go to Island the owner is our ward mission leader so we go out there a lot and get some free stuff it is so good I like... I was also given some books I think that Diana would like Journey to the center of the Earth. and The Lost Horizon. I want to read them but they aren't on the reading list so they are in my suit case waiting to go home. any way not much this week different than the past ones. so yeah I hope you liked the funny story I did and I lived it!!!!

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