Tuesday, 28 February 2012

26 February, 2012

Hello everyone

so I got a hold of a Darth maul light-saber and had some fun a member
put this video of me up so I could send it to you I thought it was fun any way.
its not long but sweet.

so about mission life......

well not much different we will find out transfers tonight. Elder Smith thinks that he is out of here, he has been here six months and I have been here just over four. that is weird to see how fast time fly's.

Three months ago we started teaching the young lady that is in the photo and she is just loving every thing about the church. she has a really strong testimony it is
just amazing to see how much she has changed from the first time we met her.

So other news one of our investigators wants to be baptized and they have been making big changes in their lives they have gotten rid of a lot of the former sins that they held onto.

We also had some exchanges with the zone leaders I went done to Nanaimo and I
found a few things there that I liked one was a hat that I thought "I have the perfect shirt for this" and of-course you can guess what I was saying with the other hat. "HAHAHAHAHAHA" "Show me your identification" lol any way I thought that it was sweet. Also on the way down to Nanaimo saw these statues and thought they were cool.
well elder Smith and I have to go to Powell river today so I have to
go ttyl and I will let you know what happens next week. love you more

Monday, 20 February 2012

20 February, 2012

This last week was awesome!!!​!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!

So to start out we have found out that an investigator that were teaching that moved is really loving Church. She has told us that she is really wanting to make changes in her life. but I didn't tell you!..

okay now why this week has been awesome We started teaching a lady that we do service with at the food bank and she told us that she had gotten a call from her daughter that lives in B.C. but is in the Alberta mission is really wanting to learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The lady we are teaching said "YOU AND ME BOTH!!!!" so that was cool. Another young lady we are teaching said that shoe wants to be Baptized so Elder Smith and I are super excited!!!!!! we are teaching about ten people right now and they are doing well. So we have had a great week..

Ohh we also got a call from Sister Tilleman and she told us that President Tilleman gets out of the Hospital today and will be skipping the rehabilitation hospital and that he will start resuming his responsibilities as mission president.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the big 7!!!!!
I made a video of me singing and lighting a candle on a slice of cake. it was a huge candle but you will have to wait till next year to watch it!!!

so I relised something the other night, the sisters I was in the MTC with Hna. Beck, Hna. Malani and Hna. Brown only have a few months left on their mission that is so weird now I know how Elder Trader felt when the same thing happened to him last spring.

Anyway how are things back home??? it is to sad to hear about the ? family I have seen what can cause things like that to happen and most of it leads to what type of conversion they had if it was a social they are most likely to dwindle away after someone challenges their faith, if it is doctrinal they will dwindle due to the lack of friends in the ward but if they had both they are more likely to stay strong. but that is only what I have seen. Keep them in your prayers.

So I got an e-mail from Hna. Ziegler and she was complaining about the price of international stamps going up!! all I have to say is I pay upwards of $20 for 12 stamps so don't complain to me about the price. I deal with it every week.

so now that is done with were was I..?... oh yes I was talking about how awesome my family is!!!! Need I say more they are so cool.

I bought some thread and fixed my pants it was just a popped seam so I just sewed them up.

other events that have happened? I don't remember so yeah. we are teaching a Spanish fellow here he calls us his brothers so that is cool. we are also going to teach him English to help him out as best we can.

I am sorry that this is not very long but I tried I really did..

Monday, 13 February 2012

13 February 2012


Eric are you and your companion District leaders? just elder smith is DL I am just his companin. I would have told you if I was a leader of any kind although when I got transferred out here I was thinking before I found out that I was changing to English work that I was going to train but I didn't. I am actually glad I was taken away from the city I was going crazy I was hating it to many people all at once. but I did love the ward. as I do here.

ohh by the way I have the stuff I need to fix my pants so don't worry you taught me well my darling mother and if my sewing doesn't work then I will use duct tape and yes I was influenced by my father.

any way not much to report this week other than tomorrow is Elder Smith's B-day and he doesn't know but the food bank were we do service on Tuesday's the people there are planing a nice surprise for him. shhhhhhhhhhh it's a secret I promised that I wouldn't tell him so don't blow it for me I want him to be surprised.

now about how things are here in Courtenay things are well we are teaching several people who are really liking the teachings of the Gospel and it is so wonderful to see a light come into their eye's and their whole personality change bit by bit.

there are a lot of people her that are not to happy about us tracting after dark here we had one person call the R.C.M.P. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) on us and file a complaint and another threaten to call them if we did not leave the neighborhood. so that was funny and guess what the time was 8:30pm the one who filed the complaint called the family history center to complain some moreand said "NO ONE SHOULD BE KNOCKING ON MY DOOR SO LATE" they were asked "what time is the latest you think any one should knock on your door?" they said "4:00pm!!!!!!!!" that is about 10 minutes before sunset in the winter here. I think that it is so funny that they made sutch a fuss about it that they called to yell about it in my mind I was thinking "wel I don't know which door you were but I am sertin you said "NO" so we left it at that and left your door for about 6-12 months to let you simmer down.

ohh I just remembered I saw some thing that daddy migh like it was a 4 season box set for The Beverly Hillbillie's for only $25 I thought that He would love that I would have bought it for him if I could but I can't. so I have been thinking and you know that is a bad thing.... most of the time. any way I was thinking of sending a box home of canadian candy/chips so if you have any requests all I need is the money and I will get it and send it to you!!! I saw hat ketchup chips are on sale right now so you might want to get it wile it's hot.

well I am not quite sure what to write about now I haven't gotten any letters from any one so that I can answer questions that I get throughout that week so yeah. thats about all I have for this week. Hasta la aproccima nos vemos! con amor Elder E. Ziegler

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

5 February 2012

How are you my son? I am doing well not much different just the same old same old and a head ache yesterday that's all gone today.

How is the work? it is going very well and the best part is that we had 4 investigators at church yesterday!!!!!!! the most I have had my entire mission.

there was an 5.7 earthquake not to far away? I had no clue!

I was in seventh heaven when I was in that forest it was so cool and the funny thing was I felt at home there. Not like a sense of like I was back in Carthage watching star wars but more like I was completely at peace and welcome. you know what I mean?

well any way it's great to hear that all is working so well for you. but I do have some sad news. President Tilleman is not feeling well and he is in the hospital recovering from a dog bite and a fall. so if you could include him in your prayers that would be great we are told that he will be fine but that prayer never hurts.

Well on to happier news Elder Smith will be 21 on the 14th and I have a plan to make him a cake just something simple.

Any way we are still working hard it is rather tiering and so I sleep very well at night and it is funny I wake up at 6:00, 6:25, and 6:30am but before 6:30 I just go back to sleep but it helps me be more alert after 6:30 so it's just like seminary days YAYYYYYYYYY

Any how so how is every one I am super excited to get your letters!!!!! so who is writing me??????? ( Read in a sad voice -->) alright I haven't got a letter in a month and I am desperate for those little pieces of paper.

(okay happy time) so I was asked if I was teaching any one cool well We are his name.... lets call his Nate is engaged to a less active member and we have been teaching for a little wile and yesterday when he came to church he bore his testimony which is so cool and amazing for him be cause he has been struggling with coffee and smoking as well as some other $/health problems and he said that his life hasn't been better but it has been easier to deal with. so he is starting to see how the gospel is changing his life.

Then another new investigator lets call him Jack is an older fellow but has two sons that are 8 and 6 and they just moved here a few weeks ago and he told us that so far every thing that's happened to him here in Courtenay has been for the better. and he said that he thinks that this church could be the one for him. and he really wants to give his sons the best life he can and also a good foundation of morals for latter on in life. so yeah we will see how things go for them.

Hey real quick question has any one commented on my blog if so could you send me copies of what they say?

Any way there has not been much different in mission life but I have been reading in Job a little at nights and I came across Job 20:8-9

8 He shall fly away as a dream, and shall not be found: yea, he shall be chased away as a vision of the night.

9 The eye also which saw him shall see him no more; neither shall his place any more behold him.

when I read that I was like "WHAT??????" "thats kind of cool" but after reading it a few times I thought of how people can hear of how they can have a better life but they say it's just a dream and never accept it and so in that light to me this scripture is talking about Jesus Christ and He will not be found in them. for they have chased Him out of their hearts. That was fairly interesting to think about and I wanted to share it with the world I guess since this is going up on my blog.

Any way I have to write President ttyl.