Monday, 20 February 2012

20 February, 2012

This last week was awesome!!!​!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!

So to start out we have found out that an investigator that were teaching that moved is really loving Church. She has told us that she is really wanting to make changes in her life. but I didn't tell you!..

okay now why this week has been awesome We started teaching a lady that we do service with at the food bank and she told us that she had gotten a call from her daughter that lives in B.C. but is in the Alberta mission is really wanting to learn more about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The lady we are teaching said "YOU AND ME BOTH!!!!" so that was cool. Another young lady we are teaching said that shoe wants to be Baptized so Elder Smith and I are super excited!!!!!! we are teaching about ten people right now and they are doing well. So we have had a great week..

Ohh we also got a call from Sister Tilleman and she told us that President Tilleman gets out of the Hospital today and will be skipping the rehabilitation hospital and that he will start resuming his responsibilities as mission president.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the big 7!!!!!
I made a video of me singing and lighting a candle on a slice of cake. it was a huge candle but you will have to wait till next year to watch it!!!

so I relised something the other night, the sisters I was in the MTC with Hna. Beck, Hna. Malani and Hna. Brown only have a few months left on their mission that is so weird now I know how Elder Trader felt when the same thing happened to him last spring.

Anyway how are things back home??? it is to sad to hear about the ? family I have seen what can cause things like that to happen and most of it leads to what type of conversion they had if it was a social they are most likely to dwindle away after someone challenges their faith, if it is doctrinal they will dwindle due to the lack of friends in the ward but if they had both they are more likely to stay strong. but that is only what I have seen. Keep them in your prayers.

So I got an e-mail from Hna. Ziegler and she was complaining about the price of international stamps going up!! all I have to say is I pay upwards of $20 for 12 stamps so don't complain to me about the price. I deal with it every week.

so now that is done with were was I..?... oh yes I was talking about how awesome my family is!!!! Need I say more they are so cool.

I bought some thread and fixed my pants it was just a popped seam so I just sewed them up.

other events that have happened? I don't remember so yeah. we are teaching a Spanish fellow here he calls us his brothers so that is cool. we are also going to teach him English to help him out as best we can.

I am sorry that this is not very long but I tried I really did..

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