Monday, 31 January 2011

28 January, 2011

I am yet to receive any pictures drawn by the girls so any time soon for that. well all things sound good but I still want to hear more. Diana write me in any way, you too Nichole and Mariah I have more time to day I'll be able to Finnish your letter, the family will receive a letter from me soon.

ok so when will I get those drawings????????

The Spanish is going well I have been told that I surprised the teachers. ohh one of my teachers is a daughter of a member of the seventy Elder Sybrowsky. any way life thus far is good the food is always the same and not being able to eat fruit or dairy really cuts my options down to ten percent of what they have. well I will write you some more but E-mail next week remember that I leave on the 16th of February for Canada.

Could you look up the mailing address of the Church headquarters for me I wort a letter for president Uchtdorf about my book on missionary's so if you could send that to me that would be great
(lots of hearts)
I love you more! for Eternity

Friday, 21 January 2011

21 January, 2011

Email recieved 21 January , 2011

On other news I am well Elder Gong of the first quorum of the Seventy spoke to us on Tuesday. OK WHATS UP? I have not received any pictures save the one of Miriam my room mates would like to see a picture of Diana so you should send one and posibly some letters too their names are Elder Kasteler, Elder Shumway, Elder Grover, going the L.A. mission and there is Elder Ward and Elder Anderson going to the New York, New York Mission. so I haven't received a letter in a while whats wrong is there something troubling you Let me know!!! From what I hear from your last letter all is good. Things you can keep me updated on Mission Calls, Random events and if you get a Large amount of money from an Uncle we never knew we had (LOL) any way I am doing well I miss you and I miss being able to see your faces. Now how long does it take for mail to get from here to there??? and what is it that keeps making me think of Diana is she ok has been on a date yet if not get on her about it. she can be a great missionary as a Member of the quorum of the seventy said when he was here "Flirt to Convert" as they say in Spanish Chiste = Joke. the Spanish is coming more and more each day and next week me and my companion are going to speak only Spanish next week so you may get an all Spanish E-mail but no promises. I will write some letters to day OH Mariah Sorry for not getting yours sent off last week I am only able to write once a week on P-day and only till 6:00 pm. And every body I love you.!!! let others know about Dear Elder. com ok I may get a letter a day if you do :)
so I cant think of anything else to write so I'll just let you know that I think you all should go to the temple I don't know what you need to do just go, go, go, go, go, GO!!!!

Monday, 17 January 2011

17 January 2011

Letter received on the 13th as well as an email on the 14th.

Hello Everyone,
I am writing for a few reasons..... First Thank you for the Package but right now I need to lose weight. So please simply send stuff like Chia and pictures and letters in care packages. Second to let you know a few things like how I am doing. I am Doing well, No major problems save the fact that I know of nothing that is going on at home, Mail as is said by many here at the MTC "the life of the MTC" " it gives us new vigor".

I am putting a late Christmas package for you and there will be some supprizes. he he he.
There will be a poem That I would like placed on my blog.

Spanish is rather hard but it is starting to make more seance than English.

I know that by the time you get this you will get an email stating the same thing. I would like to get a super long Dear Elder very soon. and don't forget to tell everyone about it ok. Now for Dessert!

Well as you know I am a man of few words but yes I admit I can talk up a storm about any thing but now I say nothing to obscure (I hope).

Well let me tell you about my companion he is 6 foot and 140 pounds but he ain't no tooth pick even compared to me his name is Elder Kasteler he is from Murry Utah and yep so I am still the only normal person in the world every one is crazy. So how are things going? "I want to know can you show me?" well now I am rambling bye now

P.S. Many hugs.


ok first off I am unable to send E-mails on any day other than my P-day ONCE A WEEK!!! and I am told it takes two weeks for mail to get from here to there in Carthage.
the Spanish is going well I looked up a phrase for you daddy it is "De Les Cielo" it means give them Heaven oh and using the English / Spanish translator not so good Idea every other letter is replaced by a "?".
my comps are well and on Sunday we switch the role of Sr. and Jr. comp so I'll become the Jr. comp and I will become the zone's music coordinator when the current one leaves.
I will be in the MTC until Feb. 16th.
and daddy that was a mean trick getting the girls exited for a puppy, you and mommy should make these decisions together and don't just get one just because you want one you have to think of not only your financial position but also you need to think "are we able to house train a puppy?" mommy will be doing it until she get a job.

here is the poem that I told you about in a letter I sent I want you to put it on my blog

" I have been called to a foreign land and a tongue not my own. I have joined the Royal ranks as a warrior of God. I seek not the recognition of man for in Eternity my treasures lie. it is to this end I will make a stand against the darkness of this land to bring the light and happiness of our King." (Gil Martin)

the time that I have is running short so I will say that I love you all and I will always love you and I will ask that you send at least one picture of the whole family. oh and tell Mariah that I am writing her a letter so that she will stop bugging me about it any way I love you

Saturday, 1 January 2011

31 December,2010

Email I received new years eve.

whats up no mail of any kind for what seems a week what up with that????????????????????????? I am getting worried. I saw Sister Smith on her first day it was nice to see a familiar face. so I may or may not write much. about my camera at first it was the pictures I would take would be all pink and then they would be pulled down and now the color is all off with pink on the sides. I think it may be the lens.

so letters for others.....
* Bishop Smith, Thank you so much for your letter it was very nice to here from home.

* the family, WHAT IS UP NO LETTERS??????????????????

there is an elder and a sister that get an average of 5 letters a day and you said you would write me I know of nothing of whats going on there.

*To Zach Malm, ok you may already have a plan but you should know that Elder Nelson spoke to us and said "do any of you have friends that should be here if so get them to come it will greatly bless theirs and your lives" So in less words, he said get them off their butts to serve a mission. SO GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND START THOSE PAPERS.

*to Diana, I miss you so far you are the one person I haven't gotten a letter from save the girls but you know what I mean SEND ONE NOW!!!!!!!!!.

ok I got some time left so I thought I would waist it on you!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha ok maybe I'm not wasting it.

I love and miss every one let me know how everyone is and remind every one that I need letters lots of them I have nothing to do for the next two P-days because the temple is closed so I need letters to fill my time and please send more than just dear Elder letters those get kind of old.

ok as for me I am doing well physically mentally and spiritually. "We have been made to walk to path of the Lord thus we will never walk alone" (Elder Eric Ziegler)

so what you think I wrote it at efy. I cant really think of many things to say just stay true to all things and SEND ME LETTERS I NEED LETTERS oh and if you could send me some pictures of the family and others from home PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Eric Ziegler