Friday, 21 January 2011

21 January, 2011

Email recieved 21 January , 2011

On other news I am well Elder Gong of the first quorum of the Seventy spoke to us on Tuesday. OK WHATS UP? I have not received any pictures save the one of Miriam my room mates would like to see a picture of Diana so you should send one and posibly some letters too their names are Elder Kasteler, Elder Shumway, Elder Grover, going the L.A. mission and there is Elder Ward and Elder Anderson going to the New York, New York Mission. so I haven't received a letter in a while whats wrong is there something troubling you Let me know!!! From what I hear from your last letter all is good. Things you can keep me updated on Mission Calls, Random events and if you get a Large amount of money from an Uncle we never knew we had (LOL) any way I am doing well I miss you and I miss being able to see your faces. Now how long does it take for mail to get from here to there??? and what is it that keeps making me think of Diana is she ok has been on a date yet if not get on her about it. she can be a great missionary as a Member of the quorum of the seventy said when he was here "Flirt to Convert" as they say in Spanish Chiste = Joke. the Spanish is coming more and more each day and next week me and my companion are going to speak only Spanish next week so you may get an all Spanish E-mail but no promises. I will write some letters to day OH Mariah Sorry for not getting yours sent off last week I am only able to write once a week on P-day and only till 6:00 pm. And every body I love you.!!! let others know about Dear Elder. com ok I may get a letter a day if you do :)
so I cant think of anything else to write so I'll just let you know that I think you all should go to the temple I don't know what you need to do just go, go, go, go, go, GO!!!!

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  1. Elder Eric Ziegler, How are you enjoying the MTC? Do you get to go to the temple every week, I have a friend that I've known since I was 19 who works with the older missionaries. Her name is Cherie Hansen. She is one of my oldest and dearest friends and met in the dorms on campus in 1976.
    Sorry for now writing. You will come to understand that everyone who loves you will be praying for you and think of you daily, but letters take time. I only got letters from your Grandma Westergren and one set of Christmas Cards from everyone at Christmas. It is the way of things. I am sure once you get to B.C., you will be so focused on your teaching and finding people, that you will find that you won't focus on mail, as much as why you are on a Mission.
    Love, your Aunt Lee