Monday, 17 January 2011

17 January 2011

Letter received on the 13th as well as an email on the 14th.

Hello Everyone,
I am writing for a few reasons..... First Thank you for the Package but right now I need to lose weight. So please simply send stuff like Chia and pictures and letters in care packages. Second to let you know a few things like how I am doing. I am Doing well, No major problems save the fact that I know of nothing that is going on at home, Mail as is said by many here at the MTC "the life of the MTC" " it gives us new vigor".

I am putting a late Christmas package for you and there will be some supprizes. he he he.
There will be a poem That I would like placed on my blog.

Spanish is rather hard but it is starting to make more seance than English.

I know that by the time you get this you will get an email stating the same thing. I would like to get a super long Dear Elder very soon. and don't forget to tell everyone about it ok. Now for Dessert!

Well as you know I am a man of few words but yes I admit I can talk up a storm about any thing but now I say nothing to obscure (I hope).

Well let me tell you about my companion he is 6 foot and 140 pounds but he ain't no tooth pick even compared to me his name is Elder Kasteler he is from Murry Utah and yep so I am still the only normal person in the world every one is crazy. So how are things going? "I want to know can you show me?" well now I am rambling bye now

P.S. Many hugs.


ok first off I am unable to send E-mails on any day other than my P-day ONCE A WEEK!!! and I am told it takes two weeks for mail to get from here to there in Carthage.
the Spanish is going well I looked up a phrase for you daddy it is "De Les Cielo" it means give them Heaven oh and using the English / Spanish translator not so good Idea every other letter is replaced by a "?".
my comps are well and on Sunday we switch the role of Sr. and Jr. comp so I'll become the Jr. comp and I will become the zone's music coordinator when the current one leaves.
I will be in the MTC until Feb. 16th.
and daddy that was a mean trick getting the girls exited for a puppy, you and mommy should make these decisions together and don't just get one just because you want one you have to think of not only your financial position but also you need to think "are we able to house train a puppy?" mommy will be doing it until she get a job.

here is the poem that I told you about in a letter I sent I want you to put it on my blog

" I have been called to a foreign land and a tongue not my own. I have joined the Royal ranks as a warrior of God. I seek not the recognition of man for in Eternity my treasures lie. it is to this end I will make a stand against the darkness of this land to bring the light and happiness of our King." (Gil Martin)

the time that I have is running short so I will say that I love you all and I will always love you and I will ask that you send at least one picture of the whole family. oh and tell Mariah that I am writing her a letter so that she will stop bugging me about it any way I love you

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