Monday, 31 January 2011

28 January, 2011

I am yet to receive any pictures drawn by the girls so any time soon for that. well all things sound good but I still want to hear more. Diana write me in any way, you too Nichole and Mariah I have more time to day I'll be able to Finnish your letter, the family will receive a letter from me soon.

ok so when will I get those drawings????????

The Spanish is going well I have been told that I surprised the teachers. ohh one of my teachers is a daughter of a member of the seventy Elder Sybrowsky. any way life thus far is good the food is always the same and not being able to eat fruit or dairy really cuts my options down to ten percent of what they have. well I will write you some more but E-mail next week remember that I leave on the 16th of February for Canada.

Could you look up the mailing address of the Church headquarters for me I wort a letter for president Uchtdorf about my book on missionary's so if you could send that to me that would be great
(lots of hearts)
I love you more! for Eternity

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