Friday, 4 February 2011

4 February, 2011

hahahaha ok yes I received my new camera, and as for the letters to Mariah all I will be doing to day sending ok. I have a lot of stuff I need to send home. and I will give you my travel plans
my flight leaves at 11:00 am and I arrive at 12:21 pm I will be able to call you before I leave. on Feb 16th. and about the length of my letters Sorry I'm not much of a letter writer you know that but I sill send more in my next letter I will be able to write ether on the way to the air port or on the plane but I will be converting as well ok. now let me tell you of my week thus far I have had many opportunity to help others. I have hosted two new Elders both state bound English one to Hawaii the other to Georgia. and as for the letter to Diana from Elder Anderson well I asked him if he would write her. I am the zone music coordinator after singing in sacrament once and that is fun. I don't have many days left in the mtc I am getting exited. I found a song that is very good it's on and it is sung by a Tammy Robbenson or Robbensen ether way does the name sound familiar?
I love you and miss you very much. well I have a word for you to learn in Spanish it is "Feliztansionez" the Z's are pronounced as S's ok I'll be looking to the mail box <3UMuch

let me know what kind of stuff you put up on the blogg so that I know what I need to send more of. I will also send some pictures of me and my teachers and district. ok so let me know haw things are and I will do the same <3 u much

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