Monday, 28 February 2011

28 February, 2011

ok about my week. it snowed on Saturday to about 4:50 then it rained on Sunday but no ice. and before that on Saturday we challenged a family to baptism and all but the father said yes. ok so that's about it and as for the lesson you had "WOW" well for someone like that I have a "Brimstone Scripture" it's found in 3rd Nephi (I cant remember the exact location) but it is close to the front I think around chapter 3 but you can have some home work. it talks about how we are servants of god , we have his message and you can say yes or no right now and receive the reward. something like that. Is it ok if next week I E-mail you all the pics I have next week?? if so that would as you know be a lot cheaper. monkeys for my monkey.

Here are some good videos to watch on you tube. Very good missionary tools.

I'll be praying for every one back home. and I will be living as my father wishes me. And I Will Live With HONOR and fight the darkness in this land.

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