Monday, 7 March 2011

Monday March 7, 2011

Weekly update 3. WOW I've been here three Mondays!!!!!!!!! that's crazy. well this last Sunday was a lot easier to understand what was said so yeah that's nice. I am loving it here the people are so great and the food matches. everything is so nice for the work. well I am working on my Spanish and I am understanding more and more each day.

(well the last message sent before I was finished) how are things in your part of the world?? whats new I am well and life is as it is. see ya next week.


Answering your questions first. So tell me about your week are there any interesting and great investigators? Yes we do and their names are the family Torres, the family Meza (those are the ones I can remember right now) How do you like Canada so far? I like it, it is nice the weather is like Seattle so you know, but it's turning to spring:). Have you had clam chowder? NO:( not yet soon I hope. How is the Spanish going? rather well. Are you understanding more and more every day? Yes I am. How is the food? Wonderful. What kind of food do you get most? SPANISH. from many different Spanish country's some from Mexico, El Salvidor, Peru......... the list goes on. I am sorry for not writing much this week I am going to send pictures and that will take some time I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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