Monday, 14 March 2011

14 March, 2011

well to start off they raise the price each year so for this year postage is just over a dollar a stamp when you get my letter (that I will be writing later today) you can see.

well as for my week there were a few things that happened (from Tuesday last week) well I don't remember much but what I do remember is... we have been working with two investigator families and one is very close to baptism.

I had my first exchange with an Elder Muler from Switzerland (his native language is German Diana:). We contacted a lady that said that we were a cult right after I said "we are volunteers form the Mormon church" and she said that we need to find the true God. well Elder Muler bashed with her for a bit.

We had the area 70 come speak to Spanish ward yesterday so that was really cool.

OK well today we have planed on going to Vancouver to go on a hike in the mountains near by but we will see how that goes.

I have been writing in my journal every night and I found out that I will run out of pages on Oct. 16th 60 days short of my year mark of DEC.15th so yeah that's about it for right now.

So how are things back home?? I hear that spring is in the air!!!! well here rain is in the air allot of it. but it's all good. I am loving it.

so how does the food differ from the Mexican food I am used to? It is way different. the food is all made by hand from scratch. this is a very good website And I encourage every one to make a profile this is mine I'm a Mormon.
this web site is a wonderful missionary tool please use it

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