Monday, 21 March 2011

March 21,2011

I received another letter from Eric today
Her is what he had to say.......

ok I didn't do so well on writing things down this week but I did remember some important parts. Well about the "T" family, We had a very good member present with them and the lesson was on the book of Mormon. we left them a challenge to start reading it chapter by chapter starting from page one and the father was so exited to start reading he opened it up and started before we finished!!!! and also at church yesterday the parents were asked "when are you getting Baptized?" and they replied "soon, we are getting there!" so yeah Elder Raynolds and I were very happy. now the "M" family. we had a lesson with them last night and the mother told us that their son told her "Mom I want I tie, I want a black suit!" and then she said that she feels that we are being a great influence on him.

Well I must tell you that I am getting an addiction....... to a Mexican soda called Jarritos they are very good, and also to the food:) (: so its not that bad nothing I'll be sent home over. as for more news well we had plan to go to the beach and have a BBQ but it rained so we aren't going. well not much more to tell...... OHHHHHH I remembered there is a big Earth quake predicted here and Surrey is one of the areas that is supposed to be affected the most but Please don't panic all will be alright.

I love you my family and I pray for you every day.

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