Monday, 28 February 2011

28 February, 2011

ok about my week. it snowed on Saturday to about 4:50 then it rained on Sunday but no ice. and before that on Saturday we challenged a family to baptism and all but the father said yes. ok so that's about it and as for the lesson you had "WOW" well for someone like that I have a "Brimstone Scripture" it's found in 3rd Nephi (I cant remember the exact location) but it is close to the front I think around chapter 3 but you can have some home work. it talks about how we are servants of god , we have his message and you can say yes or no right now and receive the reward. something like that. Is it ok if next week I E-mail you all the pics I have next week?? if so that would as you know be a lot cheaper. monkeys for my monkey.

Here are some good videos to watch on you tube. Very good missionary tools.

I'll be praying for every one back home. and I will be living as my father wishes me. And I Will Live With HONOR and fight the darkness in this land.

Monday, 21 February 2011

21 February, 2011

Yeah we finally hear from Eric.

Email received today.

here I am on my p-day in Surrey sending an E-mail to you to see how you are doing. and to let you know that I have a hard time understanding whats being said. and to say there are not many Spanish speakers here.not much to report this week save the fact that my first Sunday here I was asked to give a talk IN SPANISH:O. the members here are so very nice they have made me feel welcome in the matter of a few seconds and it is so easy to love them they are so happy. and the food C: it is amazing they always want to feed us and when we try to leave without eating they practically yelled at us. this is my mailing address: 11322 Royal crescent Surrey BC V3V2S7 : you may not get much more than an e-mail from me because the postage costs a tone! no joke. Well I hope every one is doing well and I wish them good luck

P.S. sorry this is short

Friday, 18 February 2011

18 February, 2011

Eric Left the MTC on Wed. the 16th. While he was waiting to board his plain to Canada he was able to call home. it was great to be able to talk to him. He is doing well and from what I can hear speaking Spanish almost as good as if he were born in a Spanish speaking family. He will Don great. Nothing else new until I get mail from him or an email.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Eric mission song

Mountain Top
Mission Anthem

1. We are called to serve in Canada,
To harvest fields of white.
Let us labor with our mighty force,
Teaching all to choose the right.

2. Some we meet are golden contacts,
We knew before our birth,
When we still were in the Spirit world,
Before we came to earth.

3. We are here to bless his children,
Bringing them the Gospel plan,
We are working, gathering His sheep,
We are doing all we can.

4. We're committed to obedience,
The Spirit we will bring,
To those within our sphere of influence,
To serve our God, our King.

We're tracking, contacting,
As we climb the Trail, do not stop.
We're teaching, baptizing,
On our way to the Mountain Top!

Thanks to Elaine Lee for submitting the anthem.

How the Anthem came to be:

It might be of interest for people to learn how the Mountain Top Anthem came to be. I am the one who wrote the Mountain Top Mission Anthem in November 1992. My husband and I were missionaries from 1992 to 1994. One of the other couple missionaries (Don Perkins) knew I played the piano and wondered if I had ever written any music. He said the mission needed an anthem and I should write one. After thinking about it I decided to try. My concern was that it would be something that the younger missionaries would like and want to sing. I prayed a lot about it and feel that I was inspired because it was written in two or three days time. Ardeth Kapp heard me play it on the mission home piano and sat down beside me and we sang it together. A Bishop from Chilliwack was there cleaning the carpets at the time and after hearing it a few times, he began to whistle the tune. I figured maybe it would work.

Ardeth Kapp added the fourth verse. The music was entered on the computer so that it would be easier to play for those who would follow and a key was chosen that would fit most people's range.

The anthem was introduced in January of 1993 at a big Zone conference introducing the Mountain Top Mission achievement plan. I was asked to accompany the introduction of the song and unbeknownst to me, missionaries speaking Vietnamese, Chinese, and Spanish had translated some of the verses and each sang them at that time. It was quite a thrill.

My name is Raya Jones and I wrote the words and music of the anthem all except the 4th verse which Ardeth Kapp suggested and we thought it ended it well.

If you would like, I can scan in a copy of the music and send it to you at another time.

Sincerely, Raya Jones

Friday, 11 February 2011

11 February, 2011

OK so this is my last P-day in the MTC and I will try to make the most of it. so how are things???? I miss you and I am excited to get out into the field. I Can't wait to have a bowl of clam chowder when I get there

Okay so I want to know did you get the package that I sent? sorry it's not in a flat rate it was cheaper for me to use a different box.

Well let tell you of some of my goals this week for a while my goal has been to increase in my Spanish so that when I leave I will be on a scale of one to ten. I want to be a fifty and so far I am at forty five A day ahead of schedule. Some others are more like the amount of lessons I want to teach and the amount of contacts.

I want to fill up my camera disc before I send it home so that you have a lot to chose form. I am very grateful for the pictures from every one the letter from the girls really lightened my spirits. well I know that you would love to have a long E-mail but you know that I am not a fast typer. Today while I was at the Temple I felt that I needed to add some names to the prayer role so I added the Cox's and Uncle Jim and Aunt Pattie which reminds me I have a B.O.M. for them and I need to send it off could you send me the address. And the address for Church Head Quarters ????

OK Diana I have to ask "WHAT DID ELDER ANDERSON WRITE????????????????" I've never heard you talk to a fellow like that even in jest.

How is the job hunting coming I heard from Bishop Smith that daddy is looking at a job in Quincy.

oh and Diana The Elders in my Zone think that you are "An Image of heaven in the darkness of their lives" but all who said it and asked if they could write you I told them "NO"

any way how are things there? every one who asks where I'm from has the usual response of "WOW THAT'S SO COOL" so I "just Smile and Wave"

Diana about the wolves I have no Idea the thought just came to me and the impression told that you needed to write it.

well I haven't much time left so I will say until my next P-day. I LOVE YOU

Friday, 4 February 2011

4 February, 2011

hahahaha ok yes I received my new camera, and as for the letters to Mariah all I will be doing to day sending ok. I have a lot of stuff I need to send home. and I will give you my travel plans
my flight leaves at 11:00 am and I arrive at 12:21 pm I will be able to call you before I leave. on Feb 16th. and about the length of my letters Sorry I'm not much of a letter writer you know that but I sill send more in my next letter I will be able to write ether on the way to the air port or on the plane but I will be converting as well ok. now let me tell you of my week thus far I have had many opportunity to help others. I have hosted two new Elders both state bound English one to Hawaii the other to Georgia. and as for the letter to Diana from Elder Anderson well I asked him if he would write her. I am the zone music coordinator after singing in sacrament once and that is fun. I don't have many days left in the mtc I am getting exited. I found a song that is very good it's on and it is sung by a Tammy Robbenson or Robbensen ether way does the name sound familiar?
I love you and miss you very much. well I have a word for you to learn in Spanish it is "Feliztansionez" the Z's are pronounced as S's ok I'll be looking to the mail box <3UMuch

let me know what kind of stuff you put up on the blogg so that I know what I need to send more of. I will also send some pictures of me and my teachers and district. ok so let me know haw things are and I will do the same <3 u much