Monday, 21 February 2011

21 February, 2011

Yeah we finally hear from Eric.

Email received today.

here I am on my p-day in Surrey sending an E-mail to you to see how you are doing. and to let you know that I have a hard time understanding whats being said. and to say there are not many Spanish speakers here.not much to report this week save the fact that my first Sunday here I was asked to give a talk IN SPANISH:O. the members here are so very nice they have made me feel welcome in the matter of a few seconds and it is so easy to love them they are so happy. and the food C: it is amazing they always want to feed us and when we try to leave without eating they practically yelled at us. this is my mailing address: 11322 Royal crescent Surrey BC V3V2S7 : you may not get much more than an e-mail from me because the postage costs a tone! no joke. Well I hope every one is doing well and I wish them good luck

P.S. sorry this is short

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