Friday, 11 January 2013

11 Jamuary 2013

Hello everyone, It has been almost three weeks since I have been home and so far it has been rather stressful. my family and I are in the middle of moving and it has not been fun. At this time I will not be adding any photos because I am working on a slideshow. I have had many wonderful and very personal experiences. To quote a song I love "I've lost the friends that needed losing and made others on the way." I really have I have made friends that I will cherish forever. Some I consider family. I miss them and I pray to be able to see them soon. I am a changed man, and I hope that those who have been reading this blog theses last two years can see that. For those who are reading my blog that are members that have not gone on a mission, and still have the chance to go. I would exhort you to GO! I can honestly say that there was nothing else that could change me. Yes we go with the intent to help others but, in order to help others come unto Christ we our selves will have to go to Him. There is no other way it simply cannot be done. We cannot invite the children of God to come to Christ if we are not willing to go ourselves. I know that I may sound as if I am on a soap box but I have no intent of that I only wish to help you see that changes that I have made,the changes that have come over me. I know that my time in the service of the Lord and His children was not in vain. So I will simply invite you to decide for yourself if all this that I stand for is real or not. Eric Ziegler.