Tuesday, 31 May 2011

31 May, 2011

Elder Escobar and also the sisters in my disterect

the back of my plaque one of our younger investigators gave me the sponge bob stickers.

How are things this week? well they are really well and we have several; good things going on and even more about to happen.

You were at Ziggie's 9 am till 11 pm!!!!!!!!!! wow that is both great and terrible! I would never want to work that long without getting some food. over 150 people! that's good and summers coming so we will have even more to come. do you have the hole building? if so I think that if you made the back area a pastry shop you would do even better. That is so cool you opened up Ziggie's again I am going to tell every missionary in my districts from now on that if they go to Nauvoo to go in there and tell you that they served with me so they can get some good food.

The lawn is in desperate need of being mowed!. can you do it????? sorry no I can't I would love to but if I leave Canada I can't get back in.
It's so good to hear that many of the young men are wanting to serve the Lord. I am also looking forward to the time I get letters saying Elder.... or Sister...... well any way more about my last week well as you probably found out by now the Canadians are religious about their Hockey and one of the biggest teams are the Cannuk's and this Wednesday they are going to play for the Stanly cup. and well I also have a new friend here that really likes the Vikings (the people) as much as I do and yesterday he got baptized. he is the Bishops son.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

29 May 2011

Sorry for not updating earlier in the week but Don and I are busy opening up our restaurant again but this time in Nauvoo. So anyone who visits Nauvoo this summer Come to Ziggie's and see us.

So here is Eric's news for this last week (May 24, 2011).

How are things? well I cannot complain. hey how are you? I am feling a bit down right now cuz I hurt my sisters feelings :C . sorry that I havent said much lately but I will change that soon. and about my week well it was fine I had about 4 days of sun and we got several referals from members and other missionary's. I am finding out that the world is full of crazy people and beleifs. and also that we are defing a "Proficy" becauze we are liveing past the end of the world.

How are all of you doing?? money and health is everything ok? I know that you are happy that I am here but are you happy with things there? How is the rest of the family doing? I saw the pictures of the girls and Beck they are getting so big. Beck looks so much like Peter and the girls are so Nichole. well I really miss you when I feel like this, your not here for me to talk to and I am only able to read your e-mails once a week. Don't think that I will give up on this I love you to much. well I will do as you asked and keep you all in my prayers I hope that you have a wonderful week and a less stressful one at that.

well I remembered more. I am doing my best to become the best I can and that's hard work. I had splits with some other spanish elders I will send pics next week. We had a lot of fun the elder that I was with is Elder Escobar from L.A. and he loves my impersonations. I have not gotten my BC license yet but I have my temp so I am able to drive. and I was sick on Sunday I had major head achs and stuffed nose so that was hard to work with. The ward here had a soccer game on monday and they won against themselves :). well that's life! we gat things we don't excpect and a lot more just to add flavor. well talk to you next week.

Love you little boy Eric

Monday, 16 May 2011

15 May 2011

well this last week has been a bit ruff we had transfers but nothing changed for the Spanish elders. We had a special meeting with President to discuss whether or not will will have the Spanish district back and we all decided that it would be best if we meet twice a month to have a type of district meeting. On how we can improve our areas and help each other with the language and the culture. That will be a great blessing. President said that the reason that he dissolved the language mission was for 2 main reasons, they are Geography and Pride ( pride meaning that it got to a point that one language felt that if they were called to English that it meant that they were not good missionary's.) So he got rid of the language districts and made the problems go away. So that's that.

I have a funny story now but at the time it was nerve racking....

We went to one of our investigators house and it was a nice day so we were contacting as much as we could. Some guy's punjabi's ( they are from a small country that I only heard of when I got here to Canada) said hello to us and asked us to come over, so we went up to them. We introduced our selves and asked how they were doing? At this point I smelt that they were drunk. They said that in about 2 seconds that they would be a hole lot better. Then they asked what we were doing? So we told them, " we are sharing a message about Jesus Christ and how is church has been restored". They then said "oh so he's back now?" We said "No he's not back yet". Then they asked "so when is he coming?", I answered " I don't know", He replied "YOU DON'T KNOW? DON'T YOU HAVE AN ITINERARY OF IT?", Elder Trader said "no man knows when he will come except the Father". Then they started playing really bad music in their car allot of cussing kind of rap. Then they really got aggressive. Well one of them did and said "you need to leave!", We said that were just visiting a friend. He said "what friend?", We said "Just a friend". Then he said "NO YOU NEED TO LEAVE, get in your car and leave!!!!!! or it will be a long walk home". Elder Trader then said "you don't own the street!". Then the guy started to find anything he could to start a fight, at first it was my comp.s name he said " I don't like your name leave now". Then the guy saw some cuts that Elder Trader got from working out that morning and said "looks like you've been throwing some punches your hands are all messed up". Elder Trader told him how he got them. The guy then went up to him and trying to intimidate us said "I am 240 and I work out and look at my hands not a scratch". Then a lady who was out side with her kids came up and said "Hey don't start anything there are kids around!". We said " sorry mam we don't want to start anything, we don't want trouble!" she replied " I know you wont I'm not worried about you but They DO!!!!!!". After that we decided to leave, I offered the angry one my hand to show him that I was harmless, he said " I don't want to shake your hand, Just get in your car and leave" so we left. We stopped by the street next to the cauldisac to make some calls, after a little bit they came in their car and flew in to the street barley stopping in time for another car to go by. They were half way into the street and then they just took off as soon as they could. So that is my funny/scary story that I have.

Well other than that not much has been happening. OH one other funny story we contacted a lady and she said " I don't believe in a religion that goes around peddling their religion". So we gave her a Mormon.org card and kept going but later I saw her again and she was talking to another lady. I couldn't hear what she was saying but I saw her throw the card into the street.

So there is two now I hope that will get a few laughs back home.

I am doing great I am working hard not hardly working.

Well a few things that I need 1) a Hug from my family. 2) a shipment of Nauvoo bricks for my comps and the mission President & his wife and for the new one coming in June. 3) Pictures of all my family. and I think that's about it. I hope that every thing is going very well back home. Oh I am going to apply for my BC license today :D :D :D :D :D :D :D will take picture to send next week.

Love Elder Ziegler

Monday, 9 May 2011

9 May, 2011

These are from a park in my area...

well I will write you the spiritual one in a letter ok.But the funny one I'll send here

" Elder Trader and I were putting up posters for Esl at a local store and as we were about to putt it up a fellow walked in and I could smell that he had been drinking and he had a cut over his eye. He walked in and went strait to the back where they had freezers with meat. Elder trader and I put up the poster and we were talking to the cashier a nice Muslim lady and the fellow was walking back past us but his coat was a bit bigger and the cashier started yelling "STOP HIM STOP HIM...." and so Elder Trader and I went after him and we slowed him down. then the Muslim lady came running out of the store yelling "give me back my food!!!!" and he was saying "go away lady I don't have anything." and she grabbed for some Chickens (Frozen) and he said many not so nice words at her and one of the bags he had in his coat fell out the bottom as she pulled the other out of the top and she went around behind him and he bent down to pick up the one that fell and then walk away. but as he was coming up a frozen Chicken meet his shoulder half way (a few times) and so when she did that she said "DON'T COME BACK" and so she let him walk away. and as he walked away he told Elder Trader and I " Your Men of God you should help me" and Elder Trader said "thou shalt not steal". ok now the funny part ..... a Police station was not to far away and latter an ambulance went by.( after we had gone down the street to put up another poster)

so there is one of my funny story's and yes that happened a wile ago. any way this last week was rather good I got to talk to my family and say hello to my favorite sisters. Also we had a party here the Saturday before mothers day for our ward. I spoke to allot of people and it was really fun.

This next week we have some plans laid out to get more work done more effectively so when that is done!!!!! Happy day!!!

well I hope that every one is doing well and that I may get a letter soon!!!!!! hint, hint, hint, I know that not every one can write me and that's ok I will accept your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I said all is well we have had several good lessons and we will be working even harder.
I am starting to lose weight and for Spanish work that is nigh impossible they feed you so much. but the food is amazing and I will be taught how to cook it :D :-D I'm happy for that. well I have letters to write. until next week.

Monday, 2 May 2011

2 May, 2011

I baptized the ones that are with the Other Elders as-well.

OK so you want a long E-mail.

I'll do my best and the book is off for now. well thus far in my mission I have been sick 3 times and only one was really bad, and it was not fun. Life is great we have had 3 to 4 days of no rain only sun. Elder Trader is from Orange County California so that made him happy but today it's raining. The weather is actually getting warmer and here when the weathers good we can go without our suit coats.

I am not dreaming in Spanish very often I have only had a few dreams thus far in Spanish but I am told that at times I speak in Spanish In my sleep so that is encouraging. Many of the members tell me that it is hard to hear my gringo accent so that is good one step closer to being a Latino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway my area is huge look a map of Surrey and Delta in B.C. Canada and that is my area and I am in charge of all the Spanish speakers in that area. so yeah it's one of the biggest areas in the mission.

I'm truly sorry that I have not written longer E-mails.

The Baptisms where amazing and they even invited their friends to come so that made it even better.

OK more about my comp. He is very Different from me and he likes to surprise me. He will be good for me.

We have found several potentials and there is one that I am already praying for so if you could too that would be great she need them.

oh one thing you can do is have the "people" who ask about me write me so I can get some mail because I haven't gotten anything for almost two months:( so yeah I don't want to feel like Job any more I want to be remembered.

well now that I have had my cry time on with the E-mail

so I have some questions how often is the sky blue??? answer " I HAVE NO IDEA" OK I know random but that's the Ziegler in me!!!!!!! Or is it the Westergren??????????????? oh well who Care's. well I hope you enjoy your long E-mail. and remember I am praying for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!