Monday, 9 May 2011

9 May, 2011

These are from a park in my area...

well I will write you the spiritual one in a letter ok.But the funny one I'll send here

" Elder Trader and I were putting up posters for Esl at a local store and as we were about to putt it up a fellow walked in and I could smell that he had been drinking and he had a cut over his eye. He walked in and went strait to the back where they had freezers with meat. Elder trader and I put up the poster and we were talking to the cashier a nice Muslim lady and the fellow was walking back past us but his coat was a bit bigger and the cashier started yelling "STOP HIM STOP HIM...." and so Elder Trader and I went after him and we slowed him down. then the Muslim lady came running out of the store yelling "give me back my food!!!!" and he was saying "go away lady I don't have anything." and she grabbed for some Chickens (Frozen) and he said many not so nice words at her and one of the bags he had in his coat fell out the bottom as she pulled the other out of the top and she went around behind him and he bent down to pick up the one that fell and then walk away. but as he was coming up a frozen Chicken meet his shoulder half way (a few times) and so when she did that she said "DON'T COME BACK" and so she let him walk away. and as he walked away he told Elder Trader and I " Your Men of God you should help me" and Elder Trader said "thou shalt not steal". ok now the funny part ..... a Police station was not to far away and latter an ambulance went by.( after we had gone down the street to put up another poster)

so there is one of my funny story's and yes that happened a wile ago. any way this last week was rather good I got to talk to my family and say hello to my favorite sisters. Also we had a party here the Saturday before mothers day for our ward. I spoke to allot of people and it was really fun.

This next week we have some plans laid out to get more work done more effectively so when that is done!!!!! Happy day!!!

well I hope that every one is doing well and that I may get a letter soon!!!!!! hint, hint, hint, I know that not every one can write me and that's ok I will accept your prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I said all is well we have had several good lessons and we will be working even harder.
I am starting to lose weight and for Spanish work that is nigh impossible they feed you so much. but the food is amazing and I will be taught how to cook it :D :-D I'm happy for that. well I have letters to write. until next week.

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