Sunday, 29 May 2011

29 May 2011

Sorry for not updating earlier in the week but Don and I are busy opening up our restaurant again but this time in Nauvoo. So anyone who visits Nauvoo this summer Come to Ziggie's and see us.

So here is Eric's news for this last week (May 24, 2011).

How are things? well I cannot complain. hey how are you? I am feling a bit down right now cuz I hurt my sisters feelings :C . sorry that I havent said much lately but I will change that soon. and about my week well it was fine I had about 4 days of sun and we got several referals from members and other missionary's. I am finding out that the world is full of crazy people and beleifs. and also that we are defing a "Proficy" becauze we are liveing past the end of the world.

How are all of you doing?? money and health is everything ok? I know that you are happy that I am here but are you happy with things there? How is the rest of the family doing? I saw the pictures of the girls and Beck they are getting so big. Beck looks so much like Peter and the girls are so Nichole. well I really miss you when I feel like this, your not here for me to talk to and I am only able to read your e-mails once a week. Don't think that I will give up on this I love you to much. well I will do as you asked and keep you all in my prayers I hope that you have a wonderful week and a less stressful one at that.

well I remembered more. I am doing my best to become the best I can and that's hard work. I had splits with some other spanish elders I will send pics next week. We had a lot of fun the elder that I was with is Elder Escobar from L.A. and he loves my impersonations. I have not gotten my BC license yet but I have my temp so I am able to drive. and I was sick on Sunday I had major head achs and stuffed nose so that was hard to work with. The ward here had a soccer game on monday and they won against themselves :). well that's life! we gat things we don't excpect and a lot more just to add flavor. well talk to you next week.

Love you little boy Eric

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