Tuesday, 31 May 2011

31 May, 2011

Elder Escobar and also the sisters in my disterect

the back of my plaque one of our younger investigators gave me the sponge bob stickers.

How are things this week? well they are really well and we have several; good things going on and even more about to happen.

You were at Ziggie's 9 am till 11 pm!!!!!!!!!! wow that is both great and terrible! I would never want to work that long without getting some food. over 150 people! that's good and summers coming so we will have even more to come. do you have the hole building? if so I think that if you made the back area a pastry shop you would do even better. That is so cool you opened up Ziggie's again I am going to tell every missionary in my districts from now on that if they go to Nauvoo to go in there and tell you that they served with me so they can get some good food.

The lawn is in desperate need of being mowed!. can you do it????? sorry no I can't I would love to but if I leave Canada I can't get back in.
It's so good to hear that many of the young men are wanting to serve the Lord. I am also looking forward to the time I get letters saying Elder.... or Sister...... well any way more about my last week well as you probably found out by now the Canadians are religious about their Hockey and one of the biggest teams are the Cannuk's and this Wednesday they are going to play for the Stanly cup. and well I also have a new friend here that really likes the Vikings (the people) as much as I do and yesterday he got baptized. he is the Bishops son.

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