Monday, 14 February 2011

Eric mission song

Mountain Top
Mission Anthem

1. We are called to serve in Canada,
To harvest fields of white.
Let us labor with our mighty force,
Teaching all to choose the right.

2. Some we meet are golden contacts,
We knew before our birth,
When we still were in the Spirit world,
Before we came to earth.

3. We are here to bless his children,
Bringing them the Gospel plan,
We are working, gathering His sheep,
We are doing all we can.

4. We're committed to obedience,
The Spirit we will bring,
To those within our sphere of influence,
To serve our God, our King.

We're tracking, contacting,
As we climb the Trail, do not stop.
We're teaching, baptizing,
On our way to the Mountain Top!

Thanks to Elaine Lee for submitting the anthem.

How the Anthem came to be:

It might be of interest for people to learn how the Mountain Top Anthem came to be. I am the one who wrote the Mountain Top Mission Anthem in November 1992. My husband and I were missionaries from 1992 to 1994. One of the other couple missionaries (Don Perkins) knew I played the piano and wondered if I had ever written any music. He said the mission needed an anthem and I should write one. After thinking about it I decided to try. My concern was that it would be something that the younger missionaries would like and want to sing. I prayed a lot about it and feel that I was inspired because it was written in two or three days time. Ardeth Kapp heard me play it on the mission home piano and sat down beside me and we sang it together. A Bishop from Chilliwack was there cleaning the carpets at the time and after hearing it a few times, he began to whistle the tune. I figured maybe it would work.

Ardeth Kapp added the fourth verse. The music was entered on the computer so that it would be easier to play for those who would follow and a key was chosen that would fit most people's range.

The anthem was introduced in January of 1993 at a big Zone conference introducing the Mountain Top Mission achievement plan. I was asked to accompany the introduction of the song and unbeknownst to me, missionaries speaking Vietnamese, Chinese, and Spanish had translated some of the verses and each sang them at that time. It was quite a thrill.

My name is Raya Jones and I wrote the words and music of the anthem all except the 4th verse which Ardeth Kapp suggested and we thought it ended it well.

If you would like, I can scan in a copy of the music and send it to you at another time.

Sincerely, Raya Jones

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