Monday, 23 January 2012

23 January , 2012

Elder Smith and I will be staying.

so I found my camera last Tuesday, it was in my shoe I had forgotten that I put it in there so that I didn't drop it. Other than that it was a very crazy week. I got into a small fender bender I am alright as is Elder smith. The cars involved not as good as we are. Because of it a lot of paper work involved and we had to get it all done within a short amount of time. The weather has not helped at all it went from freak snow to never ending rain so the two extremes not fun. Any way we had a slow week.

We did have an awesome Sunday yesterday we had 2 other lessons and two new investigators it was so cool! They were some potentials that we had on a street that we were told that we wouldn't find any one interested and that was when I first got here. But now we have two who want to learn!!!!!!!! I think that it is very sweet.

We are working hard and we are finding a lot to laugh about (Elder
Smith and I).

So far we have one investigator who is loving the gospel and really wants to make changes in his life and he already has many good friends in the ward. They are so good about that here. They truly care about him and want to help him as best as they can. That is always very cool.

oh I found some thing in language study. It is Salud y pesetas... it means Health and wealth... I thought that daddy would like that.

So not much more news this week other than what I have said so yeah!!!!!!! I hope you all have an awesome week and that you are guided to those who need you!. thank you for all you do.
and thank you for all the letters.

Elder Eric Ziegler

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