Monday, 9 January 2012

9 January, 2012

Zone conference

My week was awesome the best I have ever had so far on my mission.

We found a lot of people to teach and two accepted baptism in the first lesson Trisha and Carmen (names have been changed) they are awesome we found them tracting in the rain. Yes we do have two baptismal dates however they were January
but no longer.(they didn't come to church) I am very confidante that
they will be baptized in February.

Other than that It has been an awesome week we are teaching almost every day and we are finding every day. We are getting closer and closer to achieving 70 Q.G.C's (Quality Gospel Conversation's) a week right now we are at 62 for last week. we
are so very excited for the area.

Elder smith and I are doing great we are working hard to help each other learn and grow and keep a fire under the seat of our pants to Find, Teach, and Invite. Invite was a big part of our last district meeting the point was brought up that if
we don't invite them they will never want to repent. and Yes I do feel
that we are unified in our desire to serve the lord and be the
sharpest sickle's we can be for the lord.

with love Elder Ziegler

I love you more

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