Monday, 16 January 2012

16 January, 2012

So guess what we did this morning!!!!!!!!! we went out to our ward mission leaders ranch to take some photos with their big bull his name is Goliath and he is a giant. I also played with Maggie their dog I think I have a new friend. :)

well the glasses were well needed. I THANK YOU!!!!

well our week has been rather hard but that is a good thing. but it ended awesomely we had a less active part member family come to church the last two weeks and the husband really wants to learn and understand and it is really cool because he has not had much religion in his life and he want to make changes in his life. It's
just so awesome that we had tracked into them without really knowing that they were there but we stopped by to visit and they said that they wanted to come to church.

(our two baptismal dates dropped one wants nothing to do with us over the dress code and the other we have not been able to get a hold of).

Any way we had some awesome Q.G.C.'s this last week and we met some really nice people who said that they believed what we talked about but they are not interested in any religion but they are good people.

I have seen that I have opened up from when I have left. any way I have been reading a lot in preach my gospel about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and it is just been really interesting to see how perfect his teachings are. I have also been
reading in the Isiah chapters of 2nd Nephi and it is very interesting I have found so far that some of the parts that help you understand are not in the Bible but with study you can see what he is saying.

So the members here are really awesome they are still saying that we need to have a diner appointment every night they know there are blessings in that!!!! I will not deny them.

((so I have temporarily lost my camera so if you could pray with me to find it that would be very helpful on us both))

Now I want to send every one an E-mail so I will talk to you next week and let you know if I have been transferred then okay ;D

ttyl Love you more!!!!!!!!!! the MOST!!!!!!!!!!!!

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