Monday, 2 January 2012

2 January, 2012

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well it has been a great year goodbye 2011.
so my new years was a great one we had awesome talks at church and
next week will be fast Sunday for us here.

Any way this last week we found out that our golden investigator is moving :.( and elder Smith and I became good friends with her and she told us that she would
invite us to her wedding (she is dating a member) she is great she
always asks us to give her reading assignments! how cool is that!??!!
any way she want to keep us updated on her progress in the church and
let us know how things are going for her.

I am doing a lot better now I have really worked on avoiding the things that trigger how I felt and it has helped allot.

Now I am not sure if I have told you or not but the district that I am in is 4 Sister Missionaries and myself and Elder Smith and yes I do my best to help my Sisters out when they need it like a good brother OK Mariah , Nichole and Diana you all can get off my back now if you want.

Looking back to the distant day I left home and seeing how much I have changed I see that I will never be able to be the same ever again. I have just learned so much and
knowledge ages you, changes you and shapes who you are and can become only if you strive to learn more and apply it to your life.

So one thing I have been introduced to here that I love so I want to use after my mission is called the Challenge it were you take a verse from the standard works and you have the missionaries make a spiritual thought out of it but there is a catch here is one I found and I challenge all 5 of you to make your own thought out of it and send it to me for next week. Job 7:12. so next week I want to see 5 new
E-mails with the subject Job 7:12. Okay?!?!?!?!?!?! good.

Now on with the e-mail. our ward mission leader owns a buffalo ranch here on the
Island and we set up an appointment to come and work there today and get some great pictures for you next week!

The area here is like popcorn we are finding people all over the place so its like
popcorn popping on the apricot tree. lol.

I love you all and I pray for you allot. thank you for all you do and don't worry on sending me "things" letters are fine.!!!

love Elder Ziegler

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