Monday, 19 December 2011

19 December, 2011

"So what did you do for your hump day?" well it is mission tradition to burn a shirt so that's what I did it was an old on with no pocket and most of the buttons were broken so I felt no remorse.

"How are your families doing that you are teaching?" They are doing really well and as they do progressing at their own pace some times I feel like "what's wrong you know it's true and the font only takes an
hour to fill!!!!"

so they are doing? great.

"How is the weather there?" I refer you to the attached photo!!!! it aint nothing like that!!!

"How are you and Elder Smith doing?" we are doing great we are working every day so that we can have a laugh and share the Gospel it is a lot of fun.

"Are you looking forward to Christmas?" yes I am. and the members here are as well. Elder smith and I are in the choir and we will be singing on Christmas day, and every member without fail has come up to
us and asked if we will be having diner that night and we do, but I
still think that it's so cool to see the love that a ward can have for
the missionaries.

"Are you going to be calling or skypeing?" I will be calling president Tilleman has said that is what we will be doing. and I have
derided that I will not be fighting with the lords servants.

well any way things are going really well for us here. I still look
forward to the time I become what the lord has planed for me but I
guess that I am a long term project. any way I see that Thomas was born
with a full head of hair that must have been funny! so what color is
his hair and his eyes?

I think that Diana... sorry Hermana Ziegler will come to see the
blessings that will come to her if she will look to this time with
great hope always looking to learn whatever she can. it will be a
great tool for her I know it. plus she will be in the MTC for
Christmas how cool is that I was there a year ago!!!!! tell here to
try out for the talent show she would be great I know she could think
of something fun to do!!

I love you all and I pray that all is well. Love Elder Ziegler Nos Vemos!!!!

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