Monday, 29 October 2012

29 October 2012

well many things are going well we are working hard and seeing many miracles in our area we are helping two of our fathers children work towards baptism soon. and they are loving the gospel. I just found out that some one I started teaching on the island got baptized in July!! I was very happy to hear that. I have been seeing how it is that I have changed in these two short years and it is remarkable to see who I was and then look at who I have become. my faith in our Lord has been strengthened so much and my love for others as-well. I am more comfortable to speak to others. and I have a better understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. so much has happened that I cannot say in words I only know that I have changed so much. and I love it. I am having a hard time right now I am having so many mixed feelings and I just don't know what to do about it. I want to go, I want to stay!! it is hard for me right now I bet Mariah should know how I feel. but so far every thing is okay I am still working hard and still chugging along. well that's about it for this week but I pray all is well and that you all may be strengthened as I have been. With Love Elder Ziegler.

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