Monday, 25 June 2012

25 June 2012

so this week has been strange we had to drop our 2 baptismal dates because they wanted to keep going to the other church. now that was a stressful week. any way I am confidant that we are able to find others. now on to another topic I have had a wonderful Idea and if I could remember what it was I would tell you!! so now I would like to tell you about how happy I am! but I think that my therapist would get mad at me for lying. okay I am bad at jokes but really it has been a bit hard as of late and it has been well in a word hard. but all is well I know that as I work hard with all diligence of heart and mind that we will be blessed. and that as we work hard to meet our goals we will meet them.

until next week Elder Ziegler!!!!!!!!

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