Monday, 18 June 2012

18 June 2012

Well this has been a strange week we had to drop some of our investigators because they did not want to give up old habits. And then we are still working to find those ready and willing to have the gospel in their lives. So we are looking under every rock to find them. Other than that we have not been to busy only to the point of near fainting... ha ha not that hard but that is what it felt like. It is very wonderful to hear how you have been blessed just yesterday I was thinking of a promise that was given when I was set apart. "As you are obedient you and your family shall be blessed with the things that they stand in need of. And there shall new treasures of knowledge uncovered." and to hear that the blessings are coming forth. and I know that they will only be doubled now that there are two Ziegler's serving. Any way in way of news there is not much other than our mission is on track for the most convert baptisms in its history. THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!! We are helping more and more of our brothers and sisters come to the path that leads back to our father. And we are working hard to help those that have been placed under our stewardship. (I have noted that my e-mails are becoming a little more poetic) what do you think?
Now how are things there in your part of the world? and yes I am talking to everyone that will read this!. So??? what’s new?? Any way things are well with me and I will let you know of any changes!. p.s. I had a Costco hotdog!!!! hahahaha long time since Montana!

another thing that I remembered a rather funny experience it was raining and I got completely soaked. and then wile we where tracting another day a dog was barking at us and he was facing me then it turned around and ran strait into a fence and then was dazed for about a minute at first I felt sad for him but once I got back into the car I could hardly stop laughing.

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