Tuesday, 5 June 2012

4 June 2012

Today is a good day!!! you know why? I don't ether that's why I asked you!

Any way this past week has been awesome we have been working hard and we have been able to find a-lot of people wanting to learn of the gospel. one that we found on Saturday is a fellow from Brazil he let us in and we shared with him the restoration of the gospel and he told us that it is time for him to stop procrastinating and go to church. and he came!!! he is an investigator for the ysa missionaries but we are all apart of Gods kingdom. President Tilleman has told us that "If we have the chance to teach them ... Teach them and then get them to where they will grow the most in the gospel. it doesn't matter who will baptize them if they understand you teach them. if they don't pass them to the missionaries they will understand." As we as a mission has applied this we have seen an increase of those who are wanting to learn of the gospel. "you don't know and they don't know if they are searching for the gospel until they have gotten a nibble of it and then if they want more there will be nothing that will stop them from devouring the whole tree." that is so true and it is something I would never have learned if I had not served a mission.

well one of our investigators is a searcher and He has told us that he has received answers to questions that he has had for many years that have never been answered until now. and he told us "I want to find the truth" .... we don't hear that every day. well we don't hear that hardly at all.

any way that is a bit of what has happened this last week and I am very happy and learning a-lot like never before. http://bcove.me/ma6qq8w0 I was listening to this talk and I was thinking how much it applies to missionary service. as men in the church we have the responsibility to serve a mission and then it is up to us on how we receive the blessings at the end of these two years. do we take gratefully the reward our Father has or do we look at the blessings of others and storm off thinking that ours were not what we had worked for. I can promise that we are sent to were we are needed and we experience what we need to in order to become tools in our Fathers hands. do not wait for a sign but become the very sign you need http://www.lds.org/media-library/video/mormon-messages?lang=eng&id=2012-01-003-waiting-on-our-road-to-damascus#2012-01-003-waiting-on-our-road-to-damascus
so until next time Elder Ziegler

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