Tuesday, 3 July 2012

3 July 2012

Well this has been a rather interesting week but I think that it was a good one we had a lot of opportunities to learn and help others. well I learned last night that I will not be transfered but I will have a new companion his name is Elder Rivera. and so any letters for the next 6 weeks can be sent to the vancouver address. friday night is when we have mutual for the youth and last friday the members played a small game of soccer in the gym and we were invited to play it was fun there was a lot of laughs and not many goals but I think that we did a good job on building trust with the members. and we also have been able to visit the members in our area more often and that has been helping a lot as well. and we have been seeing a lot of help from them in our efforts to help our investigators. and it has been helping. now I have been well stressed a little but that is to be expected and then I have been having a lot of growth in knowing who I am and what the gospel is and what it means for my life. I have really learned what repentance is and how to apply it in my life. now I know that you have sent a lot about how things are but I need some info if you could send me the information that I would need for school registration that will be helpful so that if I am able to fill it out myself or if you need to I will still know what classes I need to do and ones I would like to do. I will be calling President Tilleman to find out who will be filling them out. so I will let you know on that one next week. wil love Elder Ziegler

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