Monday, 26 March 2012

26 March 2012

So hows it goin eah? Everythins greet up heer an all dat yu know. ok that was my making fun of the way they speak up here haha they don't realy it's just like if I went to England I would have a slew of new words that you won’t get. Well I do now :) Any way I am very excited for spring it is raining today but the last 4 days was straight sun no joke it was great. Elder Flexhaug and I will be moving into our new apartment in the beginning of next month. I have no Idea of how it looks or how things will be. Just to let you know Elder Flexhaug is SWEET he knows a lot about cars so when we are walking or driving and he sees a car that he likes he tells me the make and model without even flinching and I just wait till he's done and say "what? Did you say something?" some times he repeat himself and others he will just look at me and say "ha ha very funny Elder!" so yeah I have fun with that. So onto some more news I am now officially ......... a blond I cant remember the punch line I was going to use. soo I just said what every one knows hehehe. Now where was I???....... ohh that’s right I was about to tell you that I have no new photo's to send you :P well I forgot to take photo's of the pizza I made last week and this week we are going to get ready to move soo yeah!!!!! Any way I hope all is well were you are because here it's great. I recently found out that a friend of mine is planning on not going to church! now what advice I have for them is go to another ward!! it's that simple granted you may not feel at home but the main reason we go to church is to feel of God's love for us and to renew our covenants. I mean what a marvelous opportunity we have to be at church away from all that worldly cares for those three hours. it is a chance we should do everything we can to go!!! SO GO!!!! Eric has given me permission to add a few things to this so my words are italicized. There are many who may feel left out or alone but we must remember that we go to church for several reasons one because it is a commandment, two because it strengthens our testimonies, three to renew our baptismal covenants, for to uplift and fortify our spirits. I agree with Eric if you are having a problem with someone or something in your ward then attend another one yes it may mean you might have to travel a little ways but it will be worth it. I do not know who you are in case you are wondering but I promise you in the long run it will be worth it if you continue to go to church. your life will be blessed I promise. now I know that the friend I am talking about will be reading this that's why I added it. well I am doing rather well I have been learning a lot from my study’s every morning and today I was really thinking about the tree of life and how Lehi wanted everyone to enjoy of the blessings that he did, to feel of the wonderful Joy that came from the love of God and holding fast to the rod of Iron. yesterday I read the same chapter and then drew something that came to my mind it was the tree of life and the rod of iron and the building but the path to the tree was what was different the path was not flat but went up and at time it was virtually vertical and I was thinking about that today that we the children of our Father must chose to take an easy path, one that is smooth and flat. or His path the one he has laid before us that is full of pot holes and things that will try and make us leave that path but once we reach the ends of the two paths we are faced with our rewards if we chose the flat and smooth we will meet a dead end!. But if we chose the Lords path then we can walk in his presence forever more. We are meant to have trials and hardships they may even come from those we love and respect but if we hold true to that Rod of Iron then we will be all the stronger for doing it. so we should do all we can to start on that path and follow in it for as long as we live for this world and the world to come. so I know that there is at least one reading who I have a great hope for. And that Hope is that they may one day soon chose that path they have the map but they lack the compass and that compass can only come after we follow Christ in the waters of baptism. I love this work and I love my family Earthly and Heavenly for we are all brothers and sisters I pray that you may feel that Love I have for you and seek for the blessing our Father is waiting to give you. With love Elder Ziegler

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