Monday, 19 March 2012

19 March, 2012

so I made some Irish soda bread it was really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it had been two years since the last time I had eaten it. so just so you don't get made at me I will tell you that Elder Maynes came to the mission and he gave us some training and that was on good ol' St. Pattie's day. I did not have cored beef and cabbage but I did have the Irish soda bread thank you again for sending me the recipie. There are some members here that want me to teach them how to make it. (daddy) is it okay if I give them Grandmas recipe? I want your permission before I tell them yes or no.
Any way this last week was a bit of a ruff one not much to talk about with things to do it makes the days go by so much faster and I just can't seam to find that happy medium so I will keep trying. any-who I am well I have been losing the Lbs so that is good and I am still working for the 200lb goal. and yes I am working out... you may now get up off the ground hahaha. well yeah not much to talk about other than yesterday I saw the poster for star wars 3d not impressed the designers didn't really play to the fans it was just darth maul in the foreground yoda in the back and one other I couldn't see who it was I just remember that it wasn't the greatest. any way how are you Mariah? can you send me photo's?????. Nichole how are the kids? I bet that Thomas is already six feet tall. and beck has his mission call...... lol. and Diana.... losiento Hermana Ziegler como esta mi hermanita? bueno creo que la obra es fantasico mjor que alla! and Mother, Father how are you is everything okay do you need any prayers? well I would like to send some other E-mails so TTFN!!!!!!!

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