Monday, 12 March 2012

12 March 2012

So how are things back in Vancouver? it is strange being back in the big city. and there is so much I miss from my last area one of them is that I was accustom to drinking a lot of water and we were always close to a bathroom. here we have to hold it or go before we leave. How is your new Companion? he is very nice he was the elder that came into Spanish work when I left to the island. do you know your new address yet? not yet we are still looking for an apartment. did they just put new elders in your old area or did they put sisters there? new elders a greenie and a coconut (he is about to go home /ripe for the next mission) where is your new companion from? Alberta his name is Elder Flexhaug so I don't have very much time I spent most of it trying to fit everything I need to print off onto as few pages as I could I got down to two pages with very small print. so as for my week it was good we had a new investigator last night who was a member referral I love member referrals they all the ones I have had so far have been prepared and are very close to the waters of baptism. we had a powerful lesson with this fellow we asked him to pray at the end and so he did but he only said about 5 words and then we sat in silence for about 6-7 minuets and after that we asked him to be Baptized and he said that he would. well I am trying to get things together to send home a box of stuff so that I have more room in my suitcases. also want to send Diana... sorry Hermana Ziegler a gift that I think she will like. well I have to write president so ttynw talk to you next week.

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