Monday, 5 March 2012

5 March 2012

last minute transfer back to Vancouver Spanish!!!!!!!!!

become a phlebotomist (draw blood) and work for a hospital or the red cross while you are working on the line of education you want. YOU KNOW HOW I AM WITH NEEDLES!!!!!!!!

so how are things going for you?

they are good considering!!!

Eric are you getting transferred or is Elder Smith? Well at first it was just Elder Smith that was getting Transferred and I was going to stay and Kill an Elder off (his last transfer) but I got a phone call from the Assistants and they told me that I was being transferred back to Vancouver Spanish so I was given less than one day to pack and say goodbye to the Courtenay ward and the investigators there.

I am now with Elder Flexhaug He is from Alberta right next door:) and his family has had a tradition of going to Kalispell every summer. so he knows a little of were we lived!!!!!!

Any way as you can imagine this is a bit strange to me being back here in Vancouver I never thought I would serve here again. ohh we will be moving to a new apartment so if you could make the address on the blog just the mission office until further notice that would be great!

So I was at the Zone leader apartment wile waiting for my "New Companion" when we got the call and that was Thursday night and I was told I was leaving the island Friday night.

well the family that Elder smith and I are with are very much like our family they are Crazy, funny and they insist that we come over for diner every Sunday and when ever we don't have an appointment to eat.

The lady that I am with, her name is Shayla. She has a baptismal date for the 24th of this month. I was rather bummed to leave I was so excited to be there from start to finish from finding to baptizing. She was bummed as-well when we told her that elder smith was leaving she started to cry then we had to tell her that I was leaving as-well she was so mad that she wouldn't talk to me for a few minutes.

Well I have to go I need to write President Tilleman.

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