Monday, 7 November 2011

7 November 2011

probably a Orca. well I think that I would have known that it was if it was!!! the captain said that they were porpoise! I have no clue what those are but that's what he said.

So how is your week going? well my week as been both good and STRESSFUL! It was not fun during the stressful times. we had allot of appointments lined up and then they would call the morning of or the night before and cancel. not fun but it's not much different from Spanish work. other than the fact that the members keep asking us if we have food or not and then giving it to us anyway. now I know how the sisters in Carthage feel when you give them food.

Well when I got here, the members upon hearing that I speak Spanish started to think of all the Spanish people they know. I found a real Mexican restaurant and the food there is wonderful and the staff very nice knowing that I can understand them!!!!

haha well I am so happy to hear that so much is going well. It is weird to think that I could have a new niece or nephew before November is over!!!!! and Mariah haha how many times I teased her by asking her if she was Pregnant and now she is that's so funny... well not for her anyway.

I finally got picture with my new companion Elder Smith and I found out he is related. bueno how are things now that a week has passed?

I saw the pictures of the kids and they are getting so big when I first saw Beck I thought that he was Bethany no joke!! but when I read that it was Beck I thought HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE IS SO BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by the time I get home he will be 6.3 and heading out on his mission.

I am so glad that I am out here I know that I have learned so much and switching to English helped me see how much my Spanish has grown and I have to fight every day to keep it up. needless to say Elder Smith is learning a lot of Spanish!!

It feels at times when I am driving after dark that I am in Nauvoo or Carthage it's strange really that I cant really remember much about those small towns but I am growing to know quite well a whole new world.

I miss you and the rest of my family I never really thanked you all for everything that you have done for me so Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you.

One of the investigators that we have has a son that plays the bagpipes and has an extra chanter and has offered to give it to me and teach me a little!!!! how cool is that? well we will see how that goes.

Any how I am well I am looking for ways to lose more weight and so far I just don't feel like cutting out cookies from my diet. well what do you say?

With all my love Elder Ziegler

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