Monday, 21 November 2011

21 November, 2011

There was snow my way that is true! we woke up a few days ago and there was a good 3 inches of snow every where. When we were on our way back from a interview we stopped and got these pictures.

So how has my week gone? it was a rather strange one, but also a good one at the same time. We had a fun drive down from Camble river.

any new prospects? well YES and we will be starting ESL classes this week and we are hopping that it will go well any way.

Ok more about my week. I have come to see how blessed I have been in my life.

So you had some computer problems well me too one of the computers here is chafa and well it's really slow. I am also glad to hear that the mail system works it's quite nice to think that those peaces of paper in paper can mean so much. hint hint.

Well I am well fed here on the island and the members are wonderful.

I do need some new glasses.

Elder Smith and I have been working hard and it is paying off we have a few investigators that are very strong and you can see their testimony growing.

grgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgrgr I had a lot written and it didn't save.

I would like to say to all those that have a desire to serve, Take haste and do so. You are all called to serve in any way you can you may or may not get a letter calling you to be a missionary but the Lord has called you to help his children return to him.

I miss you all so very much but I know that we all will be blessed for this sojourn that I have undertaken and in time we will see them!. At this time I will follow the council of a stake president.

This is my foundation of faith...

1. I know I am a Son of God. Thought we do not have the "Proof" that
so many say we need. the only "Proof" we need is the very sound of our

2. I know that I must Repent in order to be pure. No unclean
thing can enter the kingdom of heaven;

3. I know it is only by our Brother and Saviors Atonement that we can become pure;

4. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, Repentance, baptism by the Authority of God for the remission of sin, the gift of the Holy Ghost by the same Authority and
Enduring to the end are the only way to salvation;

5. I have been called by God to teach his Children and guide them back to His path;

6. The truth has been restored and it will never be taken from the Earth
ever again;

7. we all have been given gifts from our Father in heaven
and we must use and develop them;

8. God wants to speak with us and will always and forever;

9. I have been charged with my own part of the Lords gathering of His children;

10. I am a man that many do not know but I know the things I can do to help no matter the small the help may be;

11. "they can take my belongings and my family from me, even my very
life but they can never take my love and faith in my Lord and God"!;

12. I am subject to the laws of men like any other but I will always
serve my King!;

13. I believe that an honest heart is a pure one and that we must seek for those that will help us remain pure in all things.

well they are 13 points of my foundation of faith.


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