Monday, 14 November 2011

14 November 2011

I am well and I am working hard. my shoes are okay and my suits are in
great condition. The reason I was on last night, I was on sending
E-mails to potentials about activities coming up. I always check
my E-mail to see if I get anything from the mission. I saw the Spanish
and I wanted to translate it.

So marry is going to get married that is wonderful. Alic and Eli got their
Eagles that's good. what did they do?

Elder smith and I are doing well,we laugh a lot and we play whats called anti chess. it's rather fun.

Courtenay is very nice it's rather small but it's a lot bigger than
Carthage. The members here are very nice. They really want to help us out.

So we are still getting settled into our apartment. I still get lost here but I do know how to get around a bit.

We will be starting an ESL class and we have a Spanish lady that is very excited
for it. She wants to help me with my Spanish.

well I want to send some pictures. I have taken a lot of sky pictures but I will be taking more.

Well Elder Smith and I went 5 pin bowling that was frustrating I only got
low scores.

Well we will be cleaning alot to day.

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