Monday, 31 October 2011

31 October 2011

Well Here I am in Courtnay!!! Estoy en la isla :D

I imagine that you did well after selling so much but not having enough to sell more today!!

Any way my new Companion is Elder Smith and he is from Maryland and I am his first foreign language missionary comp. The ward here is very nice the first thing they asked after the usual is "Do you have any diner plans" that sort of set me back they are a lot like you! I can feel the love they have for the Gospel.

I got some awesome videos on the fairy ride here we saw some kind of small wale or big fish jumping out of the water.

Life here is slower than in Vancouver or Surrey but it's a lot bigger than Carthage, but I like it being smaller. At times it's hard to think that I'm not in Spanish work but I wake up and here I am far away from the big city. I set my mind to do what the Lord wants of me so I will work harder than ever before. President told me to keep up my language study's and so I am doing that. I feel the same way about possibly finding a Spanish family.

It's so great that David and Zack want to serve a mission. there are less and less youth wanting to serve a mission.

I will be wearing a purple tie on the third.

well not much other than transfers happened this last week so I should have more next Monday.

oh since it's Halloween all missionary's have to be in their apartments by 6:00pm. so we will have a lot of study time...... well until later then.

Elder Eric Ziegler

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