Monday, 24 October 2011

24 October 2011

Well to start off I am sorry that I didn't write very much last week but I was rather distracted and so I was not able to think strait but now I am thinking!!.

well to start off our week was great Elder T and I have been working our hardest and never happier so we have grown closer. This is Elder S's last week so he has been really trunky. We are going to get a new Elder and we are trying to guess who will be training but I get the feeling that I will be!?.

Any way as I said we have been working hard and we haven't had many lessons but we are still getting out there and working hard!

So how have you been? I guess very busy saying good by to Diana and sending her off to the MTC! well she will be a really good missionary or Missionera as they say in Spanish jajajajajajaja I am looking forward to speaking to her. When we call on Christmas we need to have a little time to talk because I bet that she will be fluent by then. Better than me all I can do is hold my own in a conversation not much more.

So how does it feel to be an empty Nester? What are your plans for the winter? I imagine that you want Nichole and Mariah there for Christmas so that we can talk!!!!!!!!!

I am finding who I am and what I need to do in order to learn once and for all who I can be! oh by the way I made a deal and I want you to remind me of it when I get home Elder T. and I decided that I spent to much time in front of the TV so I want to sell all but three of my collection of DVDs so that wont be many. He thinks that its a lot that I will let go. But I only have about 12.

Any way I really would like to get a picture you can even E-mail it to me.

I would like to thank you for not letting me have a game system I just saw the video by Elder Bednar about Technology so I thank you for that.

Well I cant really think of much more to talk about right now but once I do I will write it down.

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