Monday, 12 September 2011

6 September 2011

wow a Lightning storm that must have been scary! well I am glad that every thing is alright.
ohh the library's were closed yesterday so we are able to email shortly today. so my week has been great. we found 3 new investigators now we need to help them progress.
I have been working harder on working with the members so that I can have longer and longer conversations and understanding. so I am starting to really get into the culture of the Latin people I am asking all the questions I can about it. we will be having a big ward party where I can learn more.
I learned a few things lately and I wanted to share them. A simple invitation may make all the difference. Have the strength to stand against the storm and be not one to be commanded in all things, Chose to act. also we can never fully understand the blessings of the temple unless we attend on a regular basis.
I have found the at times the fewest words are the ones that need to be spoken, for they may be the ones need to be heard.
well I am finding a lot of Spanish stores here in Vancouver one is called La Tierra del sol (the land of the sun) and they sell clothing, art and give a smile all from Latin country's. I bought a shirt there and I love it I'll send you a picture of me in it.
here is a quote I like that I heard from a member. ( I will translate) "your dreams can live on in those you love, and in me live the memory of who you where".
well I am glade that all is well and that no one is hurt I am praying for you and I miss you. I am in the lords work and I will be blessed though they may not come in this life.

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