Monday, 23 April 2012

23 April 2012

May we forevermore Choose to do The Right

So this has been a great week we were able to teach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it had been a wile, the Lord is blessing us!!!!! I knew that he would as long as we had faith and did as he asked.

Any way I got the photo of Madison so cute. and all that hair just like her mother I bet!!!! and I bet that my sister is very happy to have her out, but just WAITE!! she will wish that time didn't go by so fast!!!!!!! remember how fast your mission went by???

So how are things back home? I mean I want to know I really do.

any way things are well here, other than the fact that the Cannuks lost last night and the entire Provence is in morning. but all I have to say is that we wont have another Riot in downtown this year.

okay now for the good stuff President Tilleman gave a training for all the missionaries in the lower main-land and the zone leaders and it was powerful he told us some stories that was just incredible we really felt the spirit in the room. and He really has a lot of love for this work and the workers even those who haven't come to work yet.

well not much else to talk about I have some plans to write real letters so I will put some more info in those.

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