Tuesday, 23 August 2011

23 August 2011

August 22nd. email

well for me life is much like this line even though we have had several weeks of sunshine. "lost in time here as the rain falls like sand in the hour glass of this brief life I have to live." and I want you to know that I love you. TE AMO MAS QUE QUAL QUIER COSA. MAS QUE ETERNIDAD. I'll let you figure that one out 3:-) I really miss your cooking and I have not had a chance to make any of your recipes because they take to long to do. but I will be making Pie Crust Cookie's. well how about some funny story's. yesterday wile in the middle of sacrament a fellow that was a few marbles short of a game. came in and sat down and after he was saying "I love you!, do you believe me?!, I have Flowers for you, I LOVE YOU!" he just kept saying that fue un boracho and so the bishop was kind enough to take him outside and I don't know what he did. so that's my funny story. ohh a lady the same day asked to pray at the end of gospel principals and it was the craziest and funnest prayer I have ever heard. well not much exciting going on here we are just doing our best to find, teach and baptize more people. the sky so far has been very beautiful here in Vancouver and I have been enjoying the nice soft nights and no I have not been talking a little treason. :) well always remember that I love you!!!!! and I miss you. Love Elder Eric Ziegler

August 15th email

Today Elder Silbas and I went to hike a trail called well I don't remember right now but I have pictures I will put them in a separate email ok oh the name is Chief mountain any way that was about 3 hours so it took up the hole day but we planed for that so we shopped at 6:00am any way we are emailing right now because of it. so how was your week other than the pain and the pills? can you send me a picture of every one I would like to have a more recent one. and on other news as a Spanish district we are planing a all Spanish day for October. so with that we are hoping to find allot of new investigators if not meet all Latins in Vancouver. well nothing else new really I am getting better with the language but I will let you know when I understand everything. well I want to send those pictures I will do my best to write more with them. well I remember what you said about those slugs.
The view about 1/3 up.
what I had to clime over and it was nice to be in the woods again.
a hole to clime through and some cool flowers I found.

the hike was hard going up and down. and the sky is very nice in the morning and at night sometimes. and well I guess that it's a bit of my life right now. I am now the house comedian because every one has a good laugh on my part. pero no me inporta y es lo que me gusta y tambien yo quiero ayudar les tener mas felicidad en sus vidas. ok back to English I am really loving my mission it is so much fun I am getting ready to sing at the Spanish day I want to sing a good Spanish song do you have any suggestions?

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