Monday, 1 August 2011

25 July, 2011

well you want me to write more? I will do my best to include all of my week.

To start my companion has a zone leader companion and he at times needs to do zone exchanges and so I go with another elder. This last Monday I was with this other elder and we did mainly drop by's of investigators and members and I met a member that has been good friends of Tomasi and Irene Tukuafu. you may have heard before now.

Tuesday was full I was still on the exchange doing the same things. Wednesday was slow we didn't get any thing, but there must be days like those right or life would become boring.
On a very good note we have a new golden investigator or as we call them here "Pineapples from Heaven" and he is, he called us one day and said that he wanted to learn more about our church. He came last Sunday:)to church.

I went on another exchange with chines elders that reminded me of my first days here I did not understand a single word except "Amen" at the end of the prayers.

I then had church on Sunday. So in a nut shell that was my week but it was really fun.

Elder Silbas and I are growing really close I now consider him a close friend. I have been learning so much from him and I only hope to learn all I can before we separate.

I just thought of adding my profile link so here it is. .

I was thinking that I should tell you that I love it here the rain is a nice break from the heat and humidity that you have :P :b

so what is new there?
did Diana get her call yet? is she going french speaking or Spanish?
How is the US doing on the money Chaos are they pulling it out of our pockets or have they found out that we are plum dry?
Are you learning Spanish so that you can help me practice?

well that's about all I have LOVE EVERY ONE, MISS ALL. Elder Ziegler

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