Monday, 15 August 2011

8 August, 2011

I have received your message about not sending longer E-mails and not having much info.

well this last week was not very much different other than the fact that I am now in the Spanish District :D

We are starting to build up to a really good workout routine so that it will become a habit and it will be easier to maintain.

I got my watch fixed and I am loving it I really love it (thank you Diana).

I am starting to think in Spanish first and at times I have to translate in to English what I am thinking so I am happy for that.

I have been learning a lot I started looking for scriptures to help me know how to obtain the attributes that I was given in my blessing. So far the hardest is patients for my investigators, it gets rather annoying but I am working on it.
Anyway I am doing great I am starting to see why it's called the best two years and I know that Diana will learn better and faster than I ever will. (hey Diana get ready to eat food that will make you gag and give you nightmares trust me I already did.)

I have found that it is easy to live in the past. And if you keep looking back you will never see the wonders to come, only those that have gone.

I have found that there are good quotes from random things. like a cat is a cat, it can never be a fish. well that one I still don't get. never mind.

I was reading (yes I Eric Ziegler was reading no need for the look of awe and amazement.) in Amos 3:3-8 and 7&8 kind of stuck out to me ( 3:7 the lord will do nothing save he tells us through his prophets. 3:8 the wicked will have all things to fear before the lord.) and when I thought that I was really thinking that a large majority of those wicked are looking for the strait and narrow path.)

I have not been doing to well on my journal writing and I am starting it back up I do not want to forget a day. I only have so many on my mission and these last almost 8 months have gone by too fast. Live your day as if there is no tomorrow and remember them as if they were the greatest in your life. remember your Yesterdays but look to your tomorrows with hope in your heart. we are all blind in this world but the more that we read our fathers words and pray to him for guidance those clouds that once darkened our world will give way to the light of who we are and what we can do. I have thought a lot on a quote from a star wars preview "It will be a hard life. one without reward, without regret without remorse. A path will be placed before you, the choice is your alone. Do what you think you cannot do, it will be a hard life but you will learn you are." and I really like to apply this to missionary work and our Earthly life but what we gain from this will and has changed us forever.

So for this week I leave you these thoughts with my Love.

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