Monday, 12 November 2012

12 November 2012

how is everything going? things are going well. well on other news I am doing well we just had a stake conference and Elder Zwin and Elder Christensen were here to reorganize the presidency. they are powerful speakers. they gave us all a challenge to read chapter's three and six of preach my gospel in ten days and I would like to extend that to you all and I would ask you to send me some of your thoughts and impressions that you receive in that time. so that is one of the things that happened. Also on that side of pain Mariah you are not the only one who had a digit hurt on the mission I got my thumb hurt badly about three days ago and it in now starting to feel better still very sore though. Oh we started a new teaching method we have been using my superior art skills (haha) to depict various moments of the book of Mormon and today I'll be working on the the part of when Lehi finds the Liahona out side of his tent. I know that I have been promising photo's but I simply have not taken any. and I hope that this amount will satisfy those who will be reading. and this I say with Love Elder Ziegler.

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