Monday, 14 May 2012

14 May 2012

Happy Mothers Day!!!!!! here is a flower for all you mothers in the world!. okay so I had the oprotunity to speak with my family yesterday I was able to say hello to two of my three sisters. Hermana Ziegler was not on the line. But I asked my parents to say hello. (some of you may be wondering why I am not talking to my family and that is because I spoke to them already) any way things here are going well. the weather is worming up and all things are starting to change.

yesterday wile driving to an appointment I saw something funny. I whish I had my camera so I could send a photo but I will have to do my best to describe it. it was a van with stickers on the back to show the amount of people in the family. and I think that we would have been able to get along because they were Storm-trooper helmets from star wars. any way I was laughing rather hard because my parents had just made fun of me for decorating my planner with star wars pictures. I just thought that it was funny.

Now we have had a good week one full of planning and working hard. not any time to be lazy but I think I found a few seconds to snooze here and there so it was not all work was it???? Now to tell you the truth I can't really think of much to write but here is what I have. So untill next week when I have more to talk about I hope! or I will just make things happen so I have a funny story to tell.

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