Tuesday, 22 May 2012

22 May 2012

I got my shoes!!!! they are so new I will have to put some ware and tare on them before I get home today!

Do you get along with them? yes I am

any new and interesting foods? no I haven't not much is new for me any more.

so the reason that I am e-mailing today is because yesterday was a holiday so all the library's were closed so we had some extra time to clean!

well at this time I am doing well I will be in Vancouver for another 6 weeks. and I will be with Elder Flexhaug. so more about him. He loves watches he said just this morning before leaving "okay now for the hardest time of the day, deciding which watch to ware!" so that is rather funny to me because I have been using the same watch for over a year now and I have not even thought about buying a new one although I was thinking about getting an old wind-up pocket watch! I thought it was a good idea but I didn't get it.

Any way we had a good week we have been finding and working with the members. I am just loving my mission and I am thinking that I might want to stay....... please don't kill me mom! we will see what the will of the Lord. las cosas de aqui son muy diferente que alla! now for those who are not able to read Spanish and to save you the time of translating. I said that the things here are very different from there! now how are you all doing? http://bcove.me/64th4wx8 I love these videos they are so cool! I have not been able to hear them but I know that they are very good because I can feel the spirit when I watch them. so things are well here we are teaching and we are working hard no complaints. so until next week digo adios
Elder Ziegler

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