Monday, 20 December 2010

20 December , 2010

It's a Small world

I received this from My friend Kari Beagley, it was from her son Jared who just left the MTC for his mission in Costa Rica.

"I just got a call from Jared. He was in Houston catching his connecting flight to Costa Rica. His travel "guide" gave him about 3 minutes to make a phone call. One of the first things he said was "Hey! I was with Eric Ziegler at the MTC. I was his host!" I thought that was really cool! Tell me again where Eric is going? Our thoughts and prayers are with him, and all of you!"

You must understand Jared and Eric were friends when we lived in Montana. They were in Scouts together. They were in our ward at church. how fun to see a friend again. if I get a picture of the two of them at the MTC I will post it.

I received a letter today from Eric. Yeah!
Here it is......

Hello Mommy, The MTC is great so far. The food is wonderful, Not as bad as I was told and the orange juice is just fine. I have told many Elders about Chia and they seam very interested. I wanted to tell you that I've seen and spoken to Elder Jared Beagley. We'll be getting some pictures taken to send home. He leaves on Monday the 20th.. He to is Spanish speaking. I love you all and I don't really miss anyone yet. then again I haven't gotten a letter from any one save Mariah so you need to chastise everyone for me. Well I look forward to everyone's letters. Love you all .

Love Elder Eric Ziegler.

Be patient Elder I have sent 2 letters already.

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