Sunday, 26 December 2010

26 December, 2010

Email I received from Eric Christmas Day.

I have to tell you something my camera it messed up. and Thank you for every thing. Monkey face for Bethany, some luck for Beck, some cake for Jessica & Miriam. thinking of every one.

ok for people, Mariah, Yes there are sisters in my district, to Nichole, Where are the pics from the girls I miss them, to Diana, stop dancing so much you look crazy you know who wont ask you out if he thinks your crazy, to mom, thank you for all you've done, to daddy, I may not be there to help but I have given you 18 years now I must give the lord 2 I'll be home after my work is done, to all my friends, I am doing well when will you be out here your self???????, to everyone, l would like some letters so please send me some not just from dear

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