Monday, 11 April 2011

11 April, 2011

I am very well and all is well. tell me about your new companion...... Where is he from? Orange county California. how are the families you are teaching? well I got some great news the M family said that they want to be baptized next week.

I have been able to understand more and more Spanish every day so that's good being able to speak it is different.

But as I said all is well. well this last week was a bit of a downer most of our appointments cancelled and several of the people we contacted almost ran away but of course in the saddest of times the Lord will give us a simple joy.

Well on other news I am feeling rather well except the occasional sore arm and feet. I am being given A LOT of FOOD to EAT and it is hard to say that I am full because I know that several of them need the blessings so my gut is not getting any smaller even though I do all I can to lose it (well maybe not) I am doing my best.

The weather here is in surrey BC is raining, cloudy, and sunny on rare occasions. and of course with good weather comes many challenges.

I have gotten good at reading a map :) any way all things here are doing well and I look forward to every ones letters.

once my camera card is full I will mail it home I have 1.62gb left and there is 2.05 on there it's a 4gig card.

(mom)wow that is a lot of pictures. as for the eating you should take smaller portions knowing that you might be eating somewhere else as well. but it is okay to eat but just smaller amounts. it will help with your belly and so we don't have to buy you new suites.

but they see that I am done and they take my plate and put more on and expect me to eat and if I eat slowly they ask if I don't like it

(Mom)it is a tough one you will just have to tell them you are full.

I'll try

(mom)You can do it I have faith in you.

I know you are doing great We pray for you always and Love you much.

With my love and Prayers Elder Ziegler

I happened to be emailing Eric back while he was on line emailing, it was nice to be able to kind of chat once in a while.

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